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Роттен дот ком

Роттен дот ком

rotten dot com
An archive of disturbing illustration

The soft white underbelly of the net, eviscerated for all to see: Rotten dot com collects images and information from many sources to present the viewer with a truly unpleasant experience.

More News.

Shirts, Mousepads, videos available! Fuck yeah! –>

rotten now
rotten events in our world today

Fresh amputee

Why does a living man have this condition?

Meat Grinder II
Very unfortunate kitchen mishap

Myanmar Hackjob
Cyclones are only half the problem

Black Dahlia
The unfortunate end of Elizabeth Short

Herps and Purps
Blemishes for all your friends, on the iPhone

–> Run For Your Life

Knife Fight
Resident half-wit weighs in

Nostalgic Pan-Asian Kink
Some of the more bizarre erotica from the East

The Stereoscopic Skin Clinic
It makes me dizzy, too

Banjo Goiter
When Deliverance meets Deformity

Dismemberment II
An unfortunate end in the Philippines

Fashion update: Crystal meth is the “new black”

Dog Shit
An in-depth look at what comes out of your pet

Tissue Cleansing
If it quacks like a duck, it must be.

Rate My Finger
Give us the finger — You know which one

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Failed Mission
Combatant killed by American troops

Mother of God
St. Someone-or-other gets an extra helping

A blast from the handicapped past

Momias de Guanajuato
Perhaps the world’s most morbid tourist trap

Boy Becomes a Klan
It’s Strom’s world, we just live in it

–> Exhumations
A series of burials from the third world

Abu Ghraib
Keeping torture traditions alive

Cab Driver
A hazard of the carriage service

Bad Face
European pandhandling vacation

Don’t Gawk
Suicide Jumper lands on a car

First in our penii-of-the-candidates series. Next: Arianna Huffington

Finger Head
This seems to make everyone uncomfortable

Uday and Qusay post-mortem UPDATED
Careers of your favorite bad boys have been truncated

Uday Hussein Bio
Woodchippered corpses make good fish food

On the rocks
Hazards of the international drug trade

James Bond, high heels, airplane glue, and a plastic bag

Man’s best meal
If strung up like a duck, might not be a duck

A fond look back at SARS
New plagues upon humanity eagerly await

It’s not what it looks like we swear

Decapitation done by helicopter

A woman reduced to component parts

Signal Corps
Injury in pursuit of communications

Early stages of decomposition

Demonstrating the value of embalming

Extreme lipectomy
A morbidly obese man under the knife

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Soccer Whizz
Can we have some dignity please

Trouble near the Mexican border

Criminal Mind
Early attempt to see what makes a criminal tick

Was there or wasn’t there a massacre?

From a journalist in Colombia

New set of autopsy photos

Lenny Bruce
Addition to the Celebrity Morgue

Alan Jones
Candidate has the subliminal vote sewn up.

A nasty start to the new year

What manner of.
Some practices are best left misunderstood

EMT Train Photo
A man played chicken with a train and lost

Styrofoam Balls
Now if they would only eat their broccolli

Five Footer
A magnificent five foot long fecal impaction

Shotgun suicide
Man takes his life inside his car

Dog Knowledge
An extremely distressing snapshot

The best part of waking up.

Collision with the railroad

Holy shit this really happens

Hindu ascetic or Taliban missile?

Sent in by a viewer. Man? Woman? Whatever

Paradise upset by misplaced Jihad

How far will a beggar go to get your charity?

Anime mit Iodine
More alarming nonvegetarian anime from Japan

The Eye Gouge
Modern team sports under gladiatorial rules

5000 Naked People Can’t All Be Wrong

Features previously published

don’t miss
all the best haikus end with boy becomes a man

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The Final Taboo
At least we don’t show people eating babies. oh wait.

Nothing gets between me and my Harley

thoughts and images from our correspondents

Daily Rotten
Strange news and terrible happenstance

Rotten Store and Video Stand
Shirts handmade by street urchins in Central America

Faces of Death
Autopsy videos and Shockumentaries

–> FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Rotten

Past favorites
Some previous features from this site

A huge database of people, films, and groups

The Gaping Maw
Thoughts and ruminations from your fearless leader

rotten galleries
permanent exhibits of rotten dot com

Celebrity Morgue
Where the rich & famous come to die

O. J. Simpson
Splattery trial photos, not to miss

We’ve got the biggest balls of them all

Viva Fidel!
Enough with this Monica Lewinsky. Viva Fidel!

Stinky Monkey Page
Our experiment with monkey video here

Penny Postcards
From another era, send Weird and Wonderful cards

Famous and infamous behind bars

some webspace/consideration provided by the following organizations

  • Newly discovered fetishes


Rotten.com is a United States-hosted shock site with the slogan “An archive of disturbing illustration” it is operated by Soylent Communications.

It is devoted to morbid curiosities, primarily pictures of violent acts, deformities, autopsy or forensic photographs, depictions of perverse sex acts, and historical curios that are disturbing or misanthropic in nature.

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The site was founded in 1996, and its format has changed little since then. As of 2009, updates to it are very sporadic and small.


Legal matters

Rotten.com has been threatened with many lawsuits over the years, mostly in the form of cease and desist citations. These range from serious matters (such as requests to remove pictures of dead relatives from the site) to Burlington Coat Factory asking them to take down trenchcoat.org, which they had bought as a Trenchcoat Mafia reference, but simply linked it to Burlington Coat Factory’s webpage. [ 1 ] On June 24, 2005, the US federal government ordered that the “Fuck of the Month” section of the site be removed (along with content from several ancillary sites) due to insufficient record-keeping. In posting the page’s removal notice, the site’s moderator criticized supporters of both Alberto Gonzales and the Bush Administration for the enablement of censorship.


  • The I Hate Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice Reader. Avalon Publishing. 2004. ISBN 1-56025-620-6. (pp. 194–204 consists of the Rotten Library entry for John Ashcroft)

Ancillary site

The Daily Rotten

In late 1999, The Daily Rotten was started. [ 2 ] This site, updated daily, contains links to news articles that cover the more bizarre, macabre and unpleasant side of life. Stories of terrorism, murders, suicides, cruelty, excrement and abuse are the staple fare of this site. Daily Rotten, also known as Rotten News, is driven by user submissions which are edited by a self-described Rotten Staff Duder. This also features comments for each one of the articles, posted by the registered members; they usually bring similar histories or gruesome images. They refer to themselves as rotteneers, a satirical reference to Walt Disney’s Mouseketeers, and/or “rottentots.”

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The events of September 11, 2001 were featured heavily on The Daily Rotten pages, a fact that the creators acknowledge as contributing to the popularity of the site.


Rotten launched boners.com [ 3 ] in response to those viewers who wanted a page with daily pictures alongside the news articles of Daily Rotten. Generally, a page will be updated with five or so viewer submitted pictures. Usually containing a funny sign or street name, snowmen in sexual positions or accidental public displays of nudity.

The Gaping Maw

In 2000, the Rotten staff started up The Gaping Maw, an editorial/commentary archive. Most of the articles were written by cartoonist Tristan Farnon under the alias “Spigot” (Jerkcity, Leisure Town) and other associates, containing news satire and general rumination on modern society. Along with the Rotten Library, this has improved Rotten’s standing in many communities since it has put an intellectual, humane side to what was otherwise considered a purely “shock” site. On the afternoon of June 22, 2005, “The Gaping Maw” went dark to comply with new governmental bookkeeping requirements regarding the distribution of pornography, specifically governmental age-verification of models, under 18 U.S.C. § 2257. All articles were taken down, and the site’s title page was replaced with a statement lamenting the passage of the laws, headed by the banner “CENSORED BY US GOVERNMENT.” In January 2006, “The Gaping Maw” came back online with some articles still unpublishable, others heavily-edited.

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Rotten Dead Pool

In November 2003, the Rotten Dead Pool was launched. [ 4 ] This is a game in which players pick ten people they believe will die over the course of the next twelve months. A point is awarded to a player for each of their picks who dies over the twelve months (unless the deceased is executed and was awaiting execution at the time they were picked, is murdered by the player, or is picked after their death). It has not been publicly stated by the site what the winner gets, if anything.

In mid-2002, Rotten launched NNDB, a so-called intelligence aggregator. This is a growing website that lists information (birth, death, job history, thousands of notable people).

Sports Dignity

An ancillary site off Rotten is Sports Dignity, a gallery of pictures, most of which are of athletes exposing their genitalia, flipping off the camera, or sporting huge gashes and injuries. [ 5 ]

Other ancillary sites

Among many of Rotten’s ancillary sites are Several “Rate my” sites such as “rate my kitten” “rate my finger” “rate my boobs” “rate my boner” and even “rate my poo”.

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